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OCYFL Dolphins Games


All Links listed below are access to view the videos live from the web or download them and view from your home computer through Windows Media player. If you would rather have a DVD copy of any of the games listed on this website, talk to Mike Ballinger.


Game Links:

Dolphins vs Buck 08/27/2011

Dolphins vs Bears 09/10/2011

Dolphins vs Jaquars 09/17/2011

Dolphins vs Steelers 09/18/2011

Dolphins vs Jets 09/24/2011

Dolphins vs Yellow Jackets 10/1/2011

Dolphins vs Vikings 10/8/2011

Playoffs Dolphins vs Yellow Jackets 10/15/2011

Playoffs Dolphins vs Steelers 10/29/2011


Banquet video for Cheerleaders & Football Players


Coaches Corner


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