Volunteers/ Concession Stand / Fundraisers:

Concession Stand Volunteers Saturday, Oct. 8th

4:30-6:30 shift:

Amy Langdon, Jessica Braun-Woods, Diana Ford, Linda Ford, Crystal Thomas, Michelle Mesker, Mike Ballinger, Kathleen Blanton, Ron and Karen Ritter

6:30-8:3 shift

Michelle Deckard, Matt Harold, Doug and Crystal Thomas, Jennifer Holvey, Julie Holmstrom, Roger McLaughlin, Tiffani Borowick, Trisha Cheatham and Dan Irwin

*All PLEASE SHOW UP FOR YOUR SHIFT!!!!! WE DO NOT WANT TO BE PENALIZED IN THE PLAY OFFS!!!! Let Jennifer Holvey know by Thursday if you can't make it so she can make other arrangements. If you have an emergenecy on Saturday, call me immediately so I can have someone cover for you. Please try your hardest to be there. I appreciate all who signed up to help.

Sunday Oct. 9th @ 1:00 PM

The cheerleaders are having their competition on Sunday, Oct. 9th at 1:00. It would be great if we all went to support our cheerleaders and to CHEER for them! If you can make it, please go the to fields with your son and watch the girls do their dance and cheer that they've been working on all season. The girls work hard to support our boys so we should cheer for them on their big day!

If your team is the Visiting Team then your team will be responsible for Chain Gang. Three Chain Gang volunteers move the chains along the playing field. Yes, that's right... on the playing field. You will be up close and personal with the hard hitting action! Chain Gang volunteers cannot give coaches information on the spot of the ball or aid coaches in any way. Also, Chain Gang members cannot cheer, argue, or contest calls to the Officials. See Jennifer Holvey today to volunteer.

The teams with the FIRST games are responsible for getting their half of the field set up. Also these teams are responsible for getting the garbage cans out and in the appropriate places around the field. Be sure not forget the Water Jug for the players!

The teams with the LAST games are responsible for taking down and putting away their half of the field. This includes the field markers, water and water table, emptying the garbage cans and bring these back to fieldhouse. It is also asked that the parents in the stands help police the area for any trash on the ground.

Coaches Corner


"Don't forget to Volunteer"